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The Facts About Renters Insurance

Premier Brokers Corp Renters Insurance is located in Florida, and its agents are experts in rental insurance.

The types of protections in a typical rental insurance policy include:

  • a. liability coverage if someone is injured in your apartment such as medical bills or property damaged,
  • b. Protection of your personal property,
  • c. Additional living expenses if your residence becomes temporarily inhabitable

The landlord can require, as a condition for renting, that the renter obtain rental insurance.

Open or Named Perils

A renter insurance policy may have named perils such as lightning, vandalism, or fire. If there was a flood that was not named this would be an open peril, which the insurer would have to agree to cover


If a guest or an invitee property is accidentally damaged or injured in your apartment the guest's medical bills are covered if you are found responsible for the injury up to and the property us replace or repaired up to the limits of your rental policy.

Additional Living Expenses

If the apartment or home you rent is uninhabitable your additional costs for alternative living, such as a hotel, is covered while. Any damage to the structure is the obligation of your landlord's policy.

Personal Property

Take an inventory of your property such as clothing, furniture, and electronics. Think of everything you own to set the limits of your policy. If your computer and television are stolen and your property is destroyed by fire personal property coverage will replace them within the limits of the policy.

If you have a policy that pays the actual cash value the replacement cost would be the current market value, minus depreciation. But a policy that includes replacement cost your damaged property could be replaced today's retail prices. The Landlord's insurance Insures the structure of the apartment's building.

The agents of Premier Brokers Corp Renters Insurance of Florida can advise you on all your insurance needs. Please call today!

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